Quality acquires an integral part of our production process in which every phase of the manufacturing process is under strict quality supervision. Starting from the acquisition of raw materials to dispatch of the finished products, each and every product is checked by our team of quality inspectors,
Welcome to our company
Being recognized for streamlined innovation and impeccable quality, we, "Hindustan Turbomachinery Limited", have set exemplary benchmarks in the national as well as international market. Since our incorporation in the year 1997, we have grown considerably to establish ourselves as one of the most authentic manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of Steam Turbine, Turbo-Machinery, Centrifugal Compressor Rotars, Turbine Blades and Rotars.
Projects Handled
Revamping and modernization of 4MW AEG turbo- generator at Atul, Gujarat
Manufacturing and reverse engineering of turbine driven pumps for naval pumping applications.

OE manufactures of 33,000 RPM gas turbine/turbocharger rotors for DLW-with materials like INCONEL.

Manufacture of steam turbine blade upto 800mm. long with/without stellite for more than 50 different makes and models of different steam turbines for reblading requirements.
Manufactured and assembled a fully ingeniously built micro gas turbine developing 20 kg.                                        
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